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Meh. It seemed like an eternity, but here it is, my attempt of draw Luke and Leia in mythical twin soulmates fashion. This is by far the fanart that took me most time to do, both by drawing and painting it, thank goodness I found my tablet *kisses it*, only that I would had finished faster if it weren’t because my SAI decided it hates me and mysteriously deleted the almost complete work and I have to do it again :’D.

After rewatching Star Wars as a whole, I was so drown in Luke/Leia feels that this came to my head. The concept is mostly abstract, since I wanted to represent their bond and their connection. I know that by the time of ANH they just met and didn’t know they were twins, but I chose to put them in those outfits because, besides being their most iconic, it was the moment when they started bonding :’). Also, Leia’s hair is ridiculous long for dramatic purposes. Luke’s the same.

The pose of Luke and Leia with their hands almost entwined was inspired by the last shot of the 4th ending of the anime series Blood+ (to anyone who likes anime, watch it. It’s very, very good, and has plenty of family drama) which features the series twin sisters in that pose (Yes, I have a thing for twins of dysfunctional families and telephatic connections, ok?). Also, I was pretty inspired by the song Stay with You of the Goo Goo Dolls since I think it fits Luke and Leia’s relationship pretty well IMO (although you can see the lyrics more from Luke’s POV, but it’s ok :P)

Painted with ArtRage.This is my first time trying to experiment with a more deeper shadow and thus why their skins have more “voluminosity” even if I know it sucked a bit. I’m not used to draw cartoon versions of live-action characters so I took a general reference of Carrie and Mark’s features and the rest was improvisation.

Dedicated to all Luke/Leia fans and Skywalker family fans everywhere!!!! (Specially to Anghraine, Shorelle and Matereya) Hope you like it ^W^